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tv   Your Money  CNN  November 4, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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welcome back to the cnn newsroom. i'm prfredricka whitfield. president obama and mitt romney are making a final push. obama has florida, colorado and ohio on his schedule. this morning mitt romney was in des moines and just spoke in
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cleveland, ohio to supporters. later today he will be rallying in pennsylvania and virginia. we'll have all the action from the campaign trail. we have a team of reporters in the battleground states covering all the angles. meanwhile, team obama is making its final push for votes today. this hour he is expected in the battleground state of florida where he is expected to speak shortly in hollywood, florida. brianna keelel is already there. brianna, what is the message the president is expected to deliver there? >> reporter: this, fredricka, is going to be his closing message. he is going to be telling voters you may not agree with everything that i've done, you may be impatient with the pace of change, but stick with me, my economic policies are working and we're heading in the right direction. as mitt romney has tried to frame himself as the candidate of real change, barack obama has kind of gone, no, not so fast, that is not mitt romney and he's trying to frame himself as
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someone that voters know and that they can trust and that mitt romney is not. he's all but called mitt romney a liar, and in recent days, i was at one ohio rally where his supporters were actually yelling liar. so he hasn't said that outright, but he's been accusing mitt romney of being dishonest and kind of packaging something that really isn't there. he's focused obviously here in florida today, but when you look at all the places president obama is going to in these last few days before the election, this is the only visit to florida. he'll be spending a lot of his time in ohio for sure, but also in wisconsin and iowa, focusing more on that mid western firewall. because although florida is important and has a lot of electoral votes, the obama campaign sees ohio as essential, and if they can keep it in president obama's column, that's keeping it out of the hands of mitt romney, fred. >> the rival in florida has seen
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the new legal battle over early voting. tell me more about that. >> reporter: very early this morning, the democratic party of florida filing suit to try and get early voting extended. this is why. early voting was supposed to wrap up yesterday, and there were people waiting in line for hours. in t in the urban parts of southern florida but also in central central florida which is key for president obama. he has a lot of supporters who aren't necessarily reliable voters on election day. african-american voters, latino voters, young voters, so early voting worked to his advantage to give them more time to vote. in 2008, early voegting here in florida lasted 14 days, two weeks. this time it's been limited to eight days by the legislature which is controlled by republicans, and also today, which is sunday, fred, this would have been a big day for the obama campaign, the sunday
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before election day back in 2008. they would organize for a lot of african-american voters to go straight from church to the polls to early vote. obviously not the case this time, but you do have a lot of election officials who have found a loophole in this law, and what they point out is you can go in person today, sunday, for your absentee ballot, you can request it in person and turn it back around. so even though an absentee ballot is processed differently than the regular vote, you can still use absentee. >> the president is expected to speak at 3:43 eastern time. we'll take that live when it happens. in the meantime, no presidential candidate has not won the white house without winning ohio. mitt romney doesn't plan to be the exception. here he is in cleveland arguing it's time for a change at the top. >> putting aside all the excuses and all the ads and all the
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attacks, and look at the record. because, you see, talk is cheap. but a record, it's real, and it's earned with real effort. change is not measured in words and speeches. change is measured in achievements. so let's look at that record. >> this was the second of four events romney has scheduled for today. next step for the republican candidate? pennsylvania. be sure to join anderson cooper and wolf blitzer as they take a close look at the candidates' final push before the election in america's choice 2012, countdown to election day. that's right here tonight at 8:00, cnn. on to new jersey now. people who were displaced by the storm will be able to vote electronically. governor chris christie says voters can e-mail or fax in their vote. also in new jersey, four more rail lines are up and running, and in new york, 80% of the subway service has been
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restored, but more than 2 million remain without power in 15 states and the district of columbia as a result of the superstorm named sandy. now a major concern is the weather. forecasters say temperatures are expected to drop below freezing tonight and tomorrow evening. the american red cross is moving 80,000 blankets into the region ahead of the cold weather. and on top of dealing with the cold and no power, some survivors of the storm are in desperate need of a place to live. in new york city alone, governor andrew cuomo estimates between 30 to 40,000 people could need housing. some voters in new jersey may face challenges election day because of superstorm sandy, but now governor chris christie says voters can e-mail or fax in their vote. how will that work? joining me right now on the phone is the president of the new jersey association of election, dennis sobez.
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dennis, good to have you with us. how will this work? a lot of people have been displaced. how do you know their votes are legitimate or the ones that are faxed or e mailed in are legitimate votes? >> they'll be checking by the signatures. they need to apply first by the county clerk. they can e-mail the county clerk of their county and request an overseas ballot and they'll be able to vote for the top of the ticket and e-mail it for best effect, but they will have to sign a waiver giving up their right to a secrecy ballot, though. >> all right. give me an idea realistically, how do you believe a lot of people who are displaced, who are in duress, who have been through so much over the last few days, they'll be able to follow all these steps you just outlined requesting that overseas ballot, applying through the county clerk and actually exercising their right
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to vote? >> lots of people that aren't displaced are in places that do have power, so we're getting calls from all over the place telling us we're here in new york or i'm here in florida and that we want to vote and this is our home address and this is where we're registered from. we give them the procedure and they seem to be doing it. we're getting quite a few hundred faxed or e mailed ballots. >> and you feel like the message is being quaconveyed pretty clearly? people are able to take advantage of the new measures put in place? >> again, most of the people who are displaced are displaced to places that have power. and that's why they're getting out of their houses because they have no power, and they're going somewhere where there is, and they're reading in the paper and all over on line, so a lot more are being -- we're also just getting calls out of the blue of
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people who are stranded in places like california. they're asking, how can i get my vote in, i can't get back home? we give them the procedure and it seems to be working really well. there are hundreds of people who have been voting every day. we're open 8:30 to 4:30 today and tomorrow for anybody who can go to the county clerk and vote right there. >> is there an explanation as to how many people you think will not be able to vote who will not take advantage or not be able to take advantage of these new measures as a result of the storm? >> no, no one has figured out exactly how many. everybody is out there trying to get as many polling places open as possible, and the ones that we can't get open, we're moving them to another location and making sure there are signs, and people are trying to notify them through reverse 911. wherever we can, we're notifying
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as many people as possible where their new polling location is if we have to shut theirs down. >> so it sounds like you're pretty optimistic that all of those who were intending to vote will have the opportunity because of these measures? >> hello? >> dennis, can you hear me now? >> must have lost you. >> it looks like dennis can't hear us, but we can hear him, clearly. dennis kobitz with the administration of elections. thank you so much. two days away now, and that may not be enough time for new york to overcome some major voting obstacles. we'll talk to an elected official there.
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some new york voters could get an extra day of voting because of superstorm sandy. right now polling station managers are working to make sure the voting goes as smoothly
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as possible. here to explain what they're doing in long island, new york is william diamonte. what measures are being put in place to make sure those who want to vote can? >> the best thing to do that we're working on is getting our sites operational. that's what we've been doing for the past seven days, and it's been a slow, tortureus process. we have 3,000 polling sites to serve 9,000 voters. as it stands today, with the help of the power authority and governor cuomo pushing them to get these sites manageable, we think we have a situation where we'll have probably 40 sites consolidated and generated and we'll have another 30 sites plus that will be using off-site generation, and the rest will be fully electrified by the grid,
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we're told by long island power authorities. we'll have a workable day. it won't be an optimum day, but workable. >> so workable, but some of these sites will be new to voters, right? so how do you get that message out, especially to so many displaced there on long island? >> they'll be new to the degree in that they'll be in the same community. it's not going to be a situation where anybody is going to be unable to get to the polls. that's what we're insisting upon. if we cannot move a site to an area that is walkable or easy to reach, we're going to electrify that site. the easiest way to get people to vote is to put it in their communities. >> what about the people who are displaced, they picked up and left, they're in a completely different geographical area but want to vote. how do they do that? >> since the storm hit, we kept
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our office hours open at the national board of elections from 10:00 p.m. every night. our front counter has been besieged with people coming in and voting by absentee. that's had a really good result. we've gone out and worked with different -- in the city of long beach, we worked with displaced people getting their absentee ballots. a lot of people that are displaced, they're worried about getting their lives back and whether they're going to go back to an area where they've lost power, where their home has been lost rather than take care of what their immediate needs are, that's a good question. the weather is not going to be a friend on tuesday. we're going to get very cold weather with a nor'easter coming our way again on wednesday. there are a lot of variables here, and i think we could see some significant dropoff in turnout. >> william diamonte, nassau county, elections committee. good luck with what will be a
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very challenging week. ohio is a key battleground state mitt romney and president obama are battling to win. there are already a few concerns. the report started in the columbus free press that john husted had said, quote, experimental software patches were installed in voting machines in 39 counties. voting rights activists say the software could potentially impact more than 4 million votes. the free press also says the software was never independently certified or tested. cnn's don lemon spoke to the secretary of state last night and gave him a chance to respond to those allegations. >> we have a new election night reporting system. all we have is an ability for them to load the data into that election reporting system, and actually, the reporting system and the actual counting system are not connected in any way, and the results that anybody can get in their home on the
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computer, they're going to get them the same time i do on election night. so we have a very transparent system that's brand new and will help people across this country, across the world, frankly, look right at our website and find out what's going on. >> reporter: so nothing fishy going on. >> nothing fishy going on. >> husted said 4 million early votes have already been cast. early voting in ohio continues through monday. now to florida where heavy turnout is leading some counties to extend the deadline for early voting. but even with the extension, a lawsuit has been filed over the wait times. cnn's crime and justice expert joe johns is with us now to explain what's going on in that crucial battleground state. if the counties have extended early voting, why have the democrats filed that lawsuit this morning? >> fred, i got to tell you, there is a lot of confusion right now. florida's election 2012.
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here's the latest. we've got real confusion going on in miami-dade. at first they announced they would be open to accept absentee ballots today. then according to multiple reports, including our affiliate and the miami herald, they said that they were not going to do it because they didn't have the resources to pull it off. and then just about five minutes ago, i got a text from the miami-dade elections office, and they say that if you are in line at 5:00 p.m. in miami-dade, you can go ahead and vote, meaning you can file an absentee ballot. so confusion abounds right now. meanwhile, there is also litigation. the florida democratic party has filed a request for a temporary restraining order and an injunction against the florida secretary of state and the three county election supervisors. they want an order saying it's okay to allow absentee voting to continue because the lines in south florida were so incredibly long. we saw pictures of that yesterday. it was supposed to be the last day of early voting.
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but here's the thing. democratic sources told us that several counties, including palm beach, hillsborough, orange, panelas and broward already said they would allow absentee ballots to be dropped off. it looked like they were trying to get the council to give them legal authority for what they were already doing, anyway, fred. >> very complicated. here we go again with florida, florida, florida. it's always something, isn't it in. >> a lot of people knew it would be that way. >> how it would be that way, that part still had a question mark. thanks so much. meantime, in florida, president obama is likely to make his last campaign stop there just two days before election day in florida. he'll be in hollywood, and you can see the crowd awaiting his arrival. you'll see him in just 20 minutes or so from now. and when he does, we'll take
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it's the final stretch of campaigning leading up to election day, and cnn reporters are stationed all across the map in preparation for tuesday's vote. our david mattingly is in the battleground state of new hampshire, and unlike much of the rest of the country, the economy in new hampshire is humming right along, unemployment is just under 6%. so david, president obama and mitt romney have both promised to create more jobs in new hampshire. so why are so many business people skeptical about that? >> reporter: fredricka, when you look at new hampshire and there is success at keeping a relatively low unemployment rate, it's because of the reliance on small businesses. this state is known for the high number of small business startups and for the innovation that comes with those small business. when we went to talk to some of these people at the businesses
3:25 pm
about the campaign promises about creating jobs, they told us, leave job creation to the professionals. two new hampshire small businesses that found a way to beat the recession. one is a free-wheeling tech company, producing code to make e-mail and the internet work better. the other has been in business for five generations. >> i manufacture steel phonographic needles. >> they manufacturer antique pins. in tough times, they both found ways to create new jobs. what every candidate talks about, they do. is there anything missing about what they're saying about creating jobs? >> i don't want to be cynical, but people don't, as politicians, create jobs. it's organizations and people that create different ideas and they go and they service customers. >> reporter: ceo jeremy
3:26 pm
hitchcock more than tripled his work force in the last three years, going from 53 employees in 2010 to 170 today. surprisingly, i find campaign promises of job growth falling short among some employees. >> the government doesn't create jobs, right, and i think that's why trying to think too much about, well, hey, we're going to pick a businessperson, we're going to pick someone who has lots of job creation experience, that doesn't really tell me much. >> reporter: referring to layoffs in 2008, this family owns a business employing 36 people, adding six in just the last two months. smarter, more killed workers. those are the promises these new hampshire voters want to hear most. >> it's hard for us to find new help. we have plenty of work, you know, tons of hours. it's hard to get new, young people in here. >> reporter: and after almost a year of non-stop campaigning on job creation plans, there is no complete agreement on which
3:27 pm
candidate can deliver. >> just a show of hands. how many are voting for romney? how many are voting for obama? and one undecided? >> reporter: one vote apart and one undecided. and you see how close that unscientific polling was. it's just indicative of what's going on here in new hampshire right now, fredricka. this raceway too close to call. >> indeed it is, but david, one would think romney would have the advantage because this is kind of a home away from home state, but not the case. especially by your kind of unscientific poll there. >> reporter: well, that's true. there's all sorts of factors. new hampshire is a very complicated state. voters looking for a lot of different things out of their candidates. and remember, president obama did carry new hampshire four years ago. he won every single county here so he had a good base to start with. it's been very hard fought. both are making appearances in the final 48 hours before the election. that shows you how important
3:28 pm
this state is and how much they need to energize the voters they do have here. >> president obama spent time there, and mitt romney spent a lot of time in new hampshire in the last couple days as well. thank you, david mattingly, appreciate that. florida another big swing state and has quite the surprise. both obama and mitt romney want it. you're looking at live pictures of a great crowd that's assembled there in hollywood, florida awaiting president barack obama's arrival. it will be his last stop in florida before election day two days away. there are a lot of warning lights and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning you can feel.
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with just two days to go until the presidential election, a poll out just this morning from nbc and the wall street journal shows president obama and mitt romney in a dead heat nationally. obama has a slight edge, 48% to romney's 47%, but that was in the sampling error. this one from washington, d.c. and the "washington post" has the candidates locked in a tie
3:32 pm
at 48%, also with a margin of error. the polls find romney's favorability at 53%, just shy of obama's 54% rating. so how close are president obama and mitt romney in the electoral race? we have an interactive way for you to keep track and to see your ballot before you actually cast a vote. josh lez is here with more on that. josh? >> obviously they both want to win the popular vote. as we know also, this is an electoral race. sometimes you tease me on line about how i move things all over the screen, i'm here to show you one you can do that's full of hard facts. the first thing i want you to see is where things stand in the electoral race to the presidency, to that magic number of 270. we have this up for you at you can go to each state and see how many electorals there are in each state and how it will play
3:33 pm
out when it starts coming in. a brand new incredible map i want to show you. this is this will help you get a sense of how massive this race has been in terms of the money. this first screen you see here shows you the ads spending from each of the candidates. i'm going to show you something brand new here. never done that on the air. let's see if it works. yeah, you can see how much money has raised for each candidate in every state in the country, how much money each candidate got in your state, and look what you can do. our folks dreamed this up. zoom over to this side. i don't want to bombard you with too much information. i was curious how much money mitt romney and president obama have raised in new york and california, two of the biggest states. so i just typed in new york and california. it automatically generated the figures for me, and with one click, i can capture this snapshot, share it on facebook and twitter, which i will right after this, and get any other information i want about any state in the country. another thing that fascinates me, if we get away from the numbers and that kind of talk,
3:34 pm
lots of americans don't vote. i am always interested to hear the stories about people who are voting no matter how you're voting. what's inspiring you and makes you different from people who are apathetic or too busy or can't vote? what's inspiring you? we have this new app set up on my facebook page, joshlevs@cnn. you can click on it, you can show it to all your friend, and we have questions there. i have a screen for you with the questions they have posted for me that's going on my facebook page. we're asking you what is inspiring you to vote? what's getting you out to the polls, if you've already done it or if you plan to do it? what's inspiring you to go out there and join in on this national event, this essence of democracy voting. give us some answers on facebook and i will join you with those at the 5:00 hour. finally, one of the things here that's pretty amazing, you can see your ballot right now before you go to the polls if you haven't gone yet. let's zoom in right here. this is
3:35 pm
all you need to do is type in your address. it will show you all of the races that are on your ballot. i used my hometown, a little suburb outside albany, new york, just to see what would pop up right there and it will show you all the different things you're going to be asked to vote on, and on facebook, twitter, all the candidates for all the races. it's all linked up on my pages. fred, i have to tell you, this is the most interactive election ever and i've never seen anything like this. >> a lot of people will get in the voting booth and they're a little overwhelmed with all the information. that's nice to give you a little purview beforehand, so when you get in there you know what to do. >> you can see what's on it so you can think about it in advance. >> thanks, josh. appreciate it. many anxious to see who will win tuesday. we'll look at what people think about our election around the world. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain.
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all right, paul ryan was in his element today campaigning in green bay, wisconsin. the gop vice presidential candidate tailgated with packer fans outside the not quite so frozen tundra of lambeau field, but it's not likely ryan will find time to enjoy the game today. he has three campaigns on his schedule in ohio, minnesota and colorado. here's one way to win over the youth vote, perhaps. teams arrived to a rally. vice president biden did that in lake valley, ohio.
3:40 pm
he asked two seniors there if they would like a ride to the rally in his limo. he also chatted with voters and senior voters and told a 7-year-old, no dating until you're 30 years old, end quote. how will things change, perhaps, if president obama is defeated? i asked editor in chief of the economists how closely the international community might be paying attention. >> i think the world is now watching the race extremely closely. that always happens with american elections because the person who gets elected to the white house is the most powerful person in the world, so everybody else has to pay attention. in this particular race, i think up to that first debate, there was an assumption in the rest of the world, perhaps as there was in america, that obama was going to win. but now there's also the horse race element. not only does it affect the rest of the world but it's actually very exciting as well, one of the great shows in the world.
3:41 pm
>> so your newspaper points out that this president was saddled with the biggest economic burden since 1933, and contrary to so much public opinion that obama's handling of the auto industry, of the bank crisis were actually, in the economists' view, quote, unquote, impressive. why? >> i think they were reasonably impressive. it's very hard to defend yourself if you're obama on the basic question of economic policy because he took all these decisions, and the thing we don't know is the counterfactual. how much worse would it have been if he hadn't put money into the economy. we think it would have been quite a lot worse if he hadn't done all these things. that's a reason to give him kind of a decent grade on economics. there are lots of other issues where we disagree with him, but on the basic core issue, has he run the economy reasonably well, he hasn't done too badly. >> so when candidate romney says he sees the u.s. heading in the direction of greece, is that a real probability?
3:42 pm
>> i think there's still something of a gap between the u.s. and greece, but we have been, for a long, long time, we have been very, very worried about the deficit, about the buildup of debt in america. to compare it to greece is quite an extraordinary one. if you go to greece, you wander around athens, you have the threat of ethnic violence. i think all presidential candidates are allowed a degree of hyperbole, but i think on that particular question he's got a long way. >> other nations are looking forward to this election because they're thinking about the trade opportunities, they're looking at the promotion of peace, they're looking for opportunities of diplomacy. but is there more at stake in this election, 2012, that we didn't see in 2008? >> i think there probably is from a realistic stand. one one, it's very close. two, with romney we don't know exactly what sort of foreign policy he would follow. the romney of the most recent
3:43 pm
debates was saying very different things than what was being said before. if you want one example of things that could flub up from day one, romney has said if he becomes president, he would declare china a currency manipulator on this very first day. that might have been okay ten years ago or five years ago when china didn't see itself as a much bigger sort of superpower to rival america. if he comes out and does it this time, i don't think china is in the mood to take ultimatums from an american president. you would immediately have a very rookie path there, including a not very nice trade spat. >> is there a way in which to gauge which candidate the world or the majority of foreign nations would prefer to win that white house race? >> i think on the whole, if you look at the national polls done by people outside america, they tend to favor i wouldn't read too much into that. i think again and again the europeans tend to favor the
3:44 pm
democratic candidate for the simple reason that america, whether we like it or not, is a much more conservative place than any other country. if you look at barack obama who is supposedly left of center and david cameron, who is right of center, who believes in a more agressive foreign policy, who believes in a tougher president, obama is more on the right wing than the right wing british prime minister in all of europe. >> john mickelthwaite, editor in chief of the economist, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you so much. >> since that interview of the economist newspaper endorsed barack obama said, for all his shortcomings, mr. obama has brought america back from the brink of disaster, so this paper
3:45 pm
will stick with the devil it knows and reelectrici him, end quote. you can read that endorsement on economi mithe economy again is the major issue, especially for some voters in some critical swing states. >> there's still a lot of depressed areas, a lot of joblessness. >> finding a job next year, but just looking around at the unemployment rate is so scary to me. >> the last four years has not been very good for our small business. >> yes, florida was hit hard and people are disenchanted, but i still have that optimism. >> let's get back to getting the jobs going, getting people happy again, getting people spending money again. >> there's always light at the
3:46 pm
end of the tunnel. >> i think it's one of the more higher unemployment states. >> my big issue right now would be jobs, unemployment rates. i really hope that there's a career out here instead of just a job. and last year, two, three years, i see businesses opening up, people getting jobs. i see our town really thriving. >> i'm really blessed i have a great job, so we're doing good. >> i believe people understand that unemployment is not necessarily the president's fault. we understand it's the big issue right now. >> it's kind of gotten to the point where it's like triage. it's like, okay, economy is most important to me. >> we're not realizing the crisis we experienced in 2009. most economists agree that stimulus spending was necessary and it prevented a sort of cl
3:47 pm
colossal collapse. >> people have to go out and get jobs and somebody has to create these jobs. we'll stay up and we can win. >> it's very hard for me to talk to the younger generation or the generation at my age when you say, you went to college and you owe $60,000 in loans and you're not making any more than that the person who is working at mcdonald's. >> it's going to start booming here in a little bit, and i think we're on the right track. >> no matter who is going to be in the white house tomorrow, the day after the election, you still have to go to work. you still have to take care of your family, take care of yourself and do what you have to do to be a sgogood citizen. >> is it a political stunt? people are in arms just two days before the election. ♪ announcing the all-new 2013 malibu from chevrolet.
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a new movie about the raid that killed osama bin laden airs tonight on national geographic channel. brian todd takes a look at the controversy. >> we're going to be the team that takes out osama. >> reporter: it's got the real life plot that -- but can it also draw voters and is it designed to? s.e.a.l. team 6 is going to air tonight just two days before the election. the film is backed by hollywood mogul, harvey winestein, a big time democratic voter. all those factors have people saying the movie is a political stunt. >> any time you have a movie
3:52 pm
coming out two days before the election, by harvey winestein who is a big supporter of barack obama. >> it was not done to, i guess play up the president's role or make it look particularly good? >> no, not at all, we don't intend to get inside the president's head. harvey winestein came into the editing room very early on, and his only questions to me were, how do you know this? how did this happen? >> stock well also says there's less footage of the president in the finished cult than there was in an earlier version. contacted by cnn harvey winestein rejected the idea that the film has a political agenda, suggesting it's about history. creator and writer of e ring, an
3:53 pm
abc -- >> is there pressure to put in a political stunt? subtle, maybe? >> i haven't seen any, the creative process is pretty prized. >> reporter: but the timing of the film's release still rankles some conservatives. >> if it doesn't have a political agenda as they say it doesn't, and if there aren't any political purposes behind it. they say there aren't, simply put it off for two days. >> a spokesperson for national geographic says they have to air the film today because they have to give it to netflix by november 5. national geographic director john stock well deny any political motivations in relieve leasing the film two days before the election. >> while the presidential race remains incredibly tight, so are
3:54 pm
several senate races and that could kip the balance of whoever wins the white house. >> reporter: in a republican wave of 2010, democrats lost control of the house, but they kept the senate. democrats control 53 seats in the 100-member chamber. republicans need four to take over if president obama wins re-election, three if governor romney wins. 33 seats are up for grabs. >> it's possible, although it's looking increasingly unlikely that republicans will be able to gain control of the senate. >> why is that? there's olympia snow's retirement from a senate that she describes is highly part san. and then there's the inflicted wounds like these from todd akin -- if a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut
3:55 pm
that whole thing down. >> putting a victory over democrat claire mccaskell, a gop target. >> he said those comments that race is very much in play. >> reporter: then there was this remark from kevin murdock, explaining why he opposes abortion even in cases of rape. i believe that a pregnancy is a gift from god even if it comes from that horrific event, then it's meant to be. >> now and again, a misstatement, a misstep and suddenly his election is really in doubt. >> reporter: it's too close to call in massachusetts where liberal favorite elizabeth warren, the former obama administration consumer advocate is trying to win back the seat
3:56 pm
republican scott brown gave up in 2004. and former governor tim kean is leading former republican senator george allen by just two points. with races all tied up in places like nevada, arizona, montana, north dakota, wisconsin and connecticut. it could be a nail biter on tuesday night. athena jones, cnn, washington. and in our next hour, the race for the white house appears to be really tight. what happens if the vote is all tieded up. we'll show you what could happen if there's an electoral college tie. from 17 billion chips worldwide to a world of super-connected intelligence. the potential of freescale unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. to investing with knowledge. the potential of td ameritrade unlocked. nyse euronext.
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hello again, welcome to the cnn newsroom. top of the hour, i'm fredericri whitfie whitfield.


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